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La Época Medieval

Main characteristics of the Middle Ages

Castillo Medieval Fantástico

Characteristics of the Medieval Era

Stages of the Middle Ages

Early Middle Ages (5th to 11th century)

The Middle Ages begin here. During these first six centuries, the Western world was transformed, dissolving the Roman Empire and giving rise to various Christian kingdoms, which would later emerge as countries. Feudalism emerged as a system of government and economic organization and the power of the Catholic Church and the Pope in confrontation. directly with the Byzantine Empire.

Late Middle Ages (12th to 15th century)

The feudal system deepened, the Holy War began with the intention of recovering Jerusalem, the Knights Templar appeared with their mythology. The University and the bourgeois classes appear, which would later have a high impact on the economies of the West.

What is Feudalism?

It was the form of economic and social organization of the Middle Ages, it consisted of small “kingdoms” called fiefdoms. The feudal lords, of noble origin, were in charge of vassals who worked their lands. Peasants, eternally poor, without the possibility of social advancement.

What is Theocentrism?

Political system where the government is made up of the church and the clergy. The church was the center of everything, it decided on the lands of the feudal lords and the taxes they had to pay. She imposed respect for God and his representatives above all things. From theocentrism comes the Holy Inquisition.

What were the Crusades?

Knight Templar

Knight Templar
Knight Templar

Nine holy wars or crusades took place between the 11th and 13th centuries, soldiers and knights carrying a painted cross fought their enemies against Jews, pagans and practitioners of Islam in the Holy Land. As territorial control was synonymous with power, attempts were made to regain control of numerous territories. Don’t forget that if you want to buy armor, costumes and everything related to knights and medieval products you can do so in our store!

Agriculture and economy

The economy was based mainly on agricultural production, and secondly, livestock. Exchanges with nearby regions were commonplace. Blacksmithing also had its important contribution.

Culture and literature

Many writings, mystical stories and poems of medieval origin survived the pressure of the inquisition, and the cult of nature and alchemy also emerged at that time. On the other hand, music was an important part of the culture of medieval society.

The end of the Middle Ages

When wealth and business became more important than nobility and the tradition of that status by blood, the system known until then came to an end. Thus, with the renaissance the modern world emerges.